Wholesale Ordering FAQ

1) What types of items are being offered in wholesale boxes?

-My criteria for adding an item for sale inside a wholesale box is simple. When I'm out sourcing, if I source an item that I would 100% sell on various platforms - it qualifies as an item to add to a box. I won't offer wholesale items to customers that I wouldn't also sell myself.

2) Why not just source these items and sell them yourself for more money?

-I'm diversifying my income streams and this is another way to do that. I don't want to have all of my eggs in one basket.

3) Will you offer single niche/single category boxes in the future?

-Currently all the wholesale boxes I offer for sale are mixed lots and may included a few different items across multiple categories. I might offer single category boxes in the future although there are no immediate plans to do so.

4) Do you ship overseas?

-I only ship domestically here in the US. I do not have plans to offer international shipping at this time.

5) Do you offer free shipping?

-As a small business it's very hard to offer free shipping - which is why the prices of the wholesale boxes are competitive. I may add some free shipping options in the future.

6) What does GOV stand for?

-GOV stands for 'guestimate of value'. The GOV is ONLY used by me to determine what I believe the overall value of the entire box is for the purpose of determining what I'll charge for the entire lot.

7) Can I Use Your Photos For My Listings?

-Use of the photos found throughout the Dad Planet website including the wholesale lots images is strictly prohibited.


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