5 Clothing Brands Resellers Should Avoid Like The Plague

If you are a reseller looking to make BIG money like I am there are some brands that you should actively seek out without fail……BUT…….

There are also a few brands that you need to avoid at all costs when reselling used goods from thrift stores on marketplaces like eBay.

This list isn’t all encompassing – that would take days to write and I’M STARVING so this list is quick and concise and not purely speculation – it’s backed by raw data (and some personal opinion). Speaking of raw – maybe I’ll eat sushi.


5) Time & Tru

• Current Active Used Listings: 5,072
• SOLD Used Listings Last 90 Days: 1,650
• Listings To Sold Ratio: 5 : 1.5

This is a Walmart brand – low quality, super cheap MSRP when new, and abundant in a bad way. Just not enough meat on this bone to get me engaged. If you MUST, maybe lot up like items and dump at once to keep your ASP (average sale price) higher.

4) Merona

• Current Active Used Listings: 39,959
• SOLD Used Listings Last 90 Days: 3,440
• Listings To SOLD Ratio: 20 : 1.5

This brand is sold exclusively at Target and, despite what some will say, the quality is LOW. Not only that, this brand shows up in DROVES in resale pallet goods so it’s literally everywhere. There isn’t a scenario under the sun that would get me to purchased this brand used, or new. Great for kindle around a campfire in the fall though!

3) Chico’s

• Current Active Used Listings: 169, 980
• SOLD Used Listings Last 90 Days: 30,114
• Listings To SOLD Ratio: 5.5 : 1

This article isn’t about making a buck or two. It’s about making BIG money….or bigger, at least. Chico’s just doesn’t fit here. Horrible list to sell ratio, found literally everywhere, quality isn’t terrible but of those 30k solds in the last 90 days only 150 sold for over $50. Meh. Hard pass on this brand unless you’re getting it for $1 and don’t mind waiting forever for it to sell.

2) Mossimo

• Current Active Used Listings: 42,773
• SOLD Used Listings Last 90 Days: 4,162
• Listings To SOLD Ratio: 10 : 1

Is this another Target only brand? I remember when this brand was considered higher end. IT AIN’T NO MORE. Low cost, brand was instantly downscaled after the Target deal, and for those that care about these things – the creator of the brand was convicted in federal court of bribery when trying to get his little princess into a school she wasn’t qualified to attend. No thanks.

1) Shein

• Current Active Used Listings: 8,307
• SOLD Used Listings Last 90 Days: 1,766
• Listings To SOLD Ratio: 4.5 : 1

Ugh. This brand is the worst. They completely rip off images (among other things) from excellent brands, find themselves constantly embroiled in copyright infringement battles, and sell total junk. Yeah – I know you saw your favorite Instagram influencer pumping this brand up. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. This brand is trash. Don’t sell it.

Well there you go - 5 brands (and there are plenty more, trust me) to completely eliminate from your thrifting diet. Now let's go eat real food.

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