Vintage Fisher Price Little People – 5 Smoking Hot Finds to Keep Your Eye Out For

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I put together a quick BOLO list of some of the most endearing, higher priced vintage Little People solds from Fisher Price for my fellow resellers.

When I see these adorable sets of toys from the 70’s and beyond it reminds me of my youngest daughters and how much joy they get playing with small playsets with little figures!

Watching them pretend play is always a big reminder of why I got into reselling in the first place – so I never miss those moments. And to date I’ve missed very few.

Then I think about how many hours, days, even years these Little People toys have been played with and, hopefully, they get even more play once the package gets shipped off to that next forever home. Ahhh such joy! But let’s make a little money shall we?

These sets don’t need to be complete or come with their original boxes to command high prices although some on this list do come 100% complete.

Keep your eye out for them when you’re on the hunt because if you find them you’re going to cash in!

5) Little People Deluxe McDonalds Playset #2552 - $80-$250 Resale Value

I’ve seen a decent condition restaurant structure with no other accessories sell for $50. This set remains nostalgic for multiple generations and if you’re lucky enough to find this with Ronald and the Hamburglar well you’ve done even better.

4) Little People Play Family Camper #994 - $50-$120

Complete or not this 1972 hit is harder to find but not impossible. 5-10 selling each month on eBay and demand is steady in the high range.

3) Little People Sesame Street #938 - $50-$250

Demand seems to be at an all time high for this set and why not? Such an influential show for so many years and it’s never strayed far from it’s core purpose. I bet you can get close to $300 if condition is sufficient and you’re lucky enough to find the original box.

2) Little People Safety School Bus #983 - $100-$300

The price you get on this depends largely on if the figures are included and/or it’s complete. Excellent condition complete versions may sell for $300. From 1959 so it’s over 60 years old!

1) Little People Family Castle #993 - $150-$350

A Fisher Price Little People holy grail. The solo castle structure will show up much more than the entire set but grab both as long as the stickers aren’t in shambles. This set remains one of the highest priced resold items in the Little People line. Seek it out during every trip to the thrift.

There are so many more that would receive honorable mention but that would make this post 10 miles long so be on the lookout for ALL vintage Fisher Price Little People and especially the ones above. Happy hunting!

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