The Strategy Behind My eBay Store 50% Off Sale

When I made the decision to sell high volume on eBay I was watching another eBay seller on YouTube (many years ago) and they ran an ongoing 50% off sale in their store.

I was moving my Amazon FBA inventory over to eBay and really had no idea what selling on eBay at a higher volume was like.

This person's store seemed to do a ton of volume, and aspiring to that with nothing else to go on, I started doing the same 50% off sale right from the beginning of my eBay selling career..

I am literally copying what they were doing at the time, not knowing any better.

Unfortunately - there is NO STRATEGY behind why I run a 50% off sale - I copied another seller and have never done it any different, so I continue to do it. This is about as unscientific an answer as I can give you, but it's the truth. 

I haven't changed strategies because I don't believe in trying to fix what isn't broken. I'm making sales consistent with the volume I can comfortably handle so there's no need to change anything.

I DO NOT believe a 50% off sale gives me any sort of competitive advantage whatsoever in my rankings. I don't even think potential buyers see it when they are shopping eBay's search results. I know I barely notice it myself. But I'm both too lazy and too afraid to change it - so it stays.



  • Laura – no. I price what I think a fair MSRP would be for the item if it were new and discount from there. Approximately 50% of all of my items are priced at the top of the market for this reason. This way 50% of my sold items do not fall in line with other comp solds.

  • So you price everything double what you want to get so the 50% brings the price in line?


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