Should I Buy This Pre-Owned Ralph Lauren Shirt?

I see a metric TON of Ralph Lauren in the thrift stores. It’s everywhere. But with the brand being so readily available to every Harry, Dick, & Tom trying to flip clothing on eBay for profit is Ralph Lauren going to be worth your time?

The answer is yes – but it’s also no. So let’s separate the winners from the losers so you don’t end up with a death pile that resembles Mount Everest.

Search: ‘Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt’ in eBay and you get the following data points:

  • Current Active USED Listings: 116,705
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 47,243
  • Listings To SOLD Ratio: 2.5: 1

Based on that (very crude keyword) example a list-to-sell of 2.5 would not prevent me from buying a Ralph Lauren polo. It’s a decent LTS! But doing a bit of sleuth work and drilling down a bit will uncover some of the more hidden gems, if you will. Here’s some examples to get you excited about sourcing Ralph Lauren shirts:

Keyword #1: Ralph Lauren BIG PONY Polo Shirt

  • Current Active USED Listings: 1,140
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 823
  • Listings To SOLD Ratio: 1.5:1

This is a winner! Great LTS ratio – it’s important to point out that none of this is sorted by gender, size, color, etc etc. So it might benefit you to drill even more, but as it stands this keyword is a BOLO (be on the lookout for). Let’s try another one!

Keyword #2: Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

  • Current Active USED Listings: 15,577
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 5,671
  • Listings To SOLD Ratio: 3:1

On the surface a 3:1 LTS ratio isn’t awesome, so drilling down (sorting long sleeve or shirt sleeve as an example) MIGHT help you uncover a true gem. That said, this isn’t a keyword I’m ignoring. If you can pre-date the garment in store and it is in fact vintage – keep drilling because you could have a winner on your hands!

Keyword #3: Ralph Lauren Rugby Shirt

  • Current Active USED Listings: 6,338
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 3,897
  • Listings To SOLD Ratio: 1.5: 1

This keyword is a homerun! The LTS is decent but the prices for Ralph Lauren rugby shirts are usually higher than their normal polo’s. I know rugby shirts are usually long sleeve as opposed to polo’s being short sleeve but this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of great selling short sleeve RL rugby polo’s so you should actively seek out this style!

Keyword #4: Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

  • Current Active USED Listings: 3,418
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 2,166
  • Listing To SOLD Ratio: 1.5: 1

People are sourcing and selling this keyword – and you should too! The shirt sleeve polo shirts are in abundance but anytime you find a long sleeve PL polo get the app out and do some math – you’re VERY likely to sell the one you find within 90 days all other variables notwithstanding.

Keyword #5: Ralph Lauren Button Down

  • Current Active USED Listings: 52,028
  • SOLD Listings Last 90 Days: 17,904
  • Listing To SOLD Ratio: 3: 1

This keyword needs to be drilled down. RL button down shirts are what I see the most of in thrift stores and that is evidenced by the sheer amount of used listings – so it isn’t a guarantee you’ll sell yours at an acceptable price within an acceptable time frame. Niche down this keyword further and you may find better luck in the long run.

 There you go! 5 examples of Ralph Lauren shirts for you to source and sell! It’s important to note that this research was performed in February – the data may have shifted in subsequent months (when short sleeve polo shirts are likely purchased at a higher frequency like in July, as an assumption) but it looks like Ralph Lauren POLO shirts are GREAT to source and resell on eBay!

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