Let's Talk About This Photo.

Item's like these are the reason you'll never hear me complain about thrift store pricing - especially when it's clear they are jacking up the prices on things they have no business marking up.

Here's why.

Picture the 'pricer' working in the back of the store. She's on her fourth hour working straight, no break. Two helpers called off today, and the store is severely short staffed. Her boss just asked her if she wants to stay another hour to bridge the gap in coverage. She wasn't even supposed to price today, but life happens. She is exhausted from whatever happened last night in her personal life. All she really wants to do is clock out, get the hell out of that store, and lay down.

So that pair of shoes lands in front of her, pulled from a gaylord of items from the Goodwill truck. Since she checked out mentally 45 minutes ago - that pair of shoes got tagged with a yellow sticker and were rolled out onto the sales floor on a black cart.

Yes - those shoes are beat to death - and yes, shame on you Goodwill, for allowing that to happen. But the truth is for every pair of dirty, destroyed pair of shoes that slips through the cracks there are THOUSANDS more items worth THOUSANDS of dollars that ALSO make it onto the floor with that same regular price sticker because they can't, and they won't, ever, catch everything all the time. Those workers are tired, sometimes work for free, and couldn't care any less about sifting through sand for gold. They want to go home.

I say - let the thrift stores upcharge for whatever they deem of value and you go right ahead and scalp everything you want to put on ShopGoodwill Mr. or Mrs. pricing expert - but I will ALWAYS beat you to the trend and ALWAYS catch that item hidden in plain sight that you were either too tired or simply unknowledgeable to find. That's how we separate the men from the boys. For every pair of Nike high top basketball shoes they charge $25 for their s a pair of Tieks ballet flats they'll never see coming. It's our job to stay two steps ahead of thrift store pricing and I'll always be up to that challenge. 

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