I'm Changing My Mind About Allbirds

I used to think this shoe brand was a guaranteed pickup at the thrift store but I'm having second thoughts about at least one of their most popular styles.

I've been monitoring the numbers regarding the footwear brand Allbirds and I want to share with you some of these revelations. Nothing major - but it explains why my Wool Runners sell so slowly.

I picked some of Allbirds most popular shoe styles and compared the current active listings to solds in the last 90 days. I did not sort men's and women's and this only covers pre-owned listings. Here's what I found:

1) Allbirds Wool Runners 


2) Allbirds Tree Runners


3) Allbirds Tree Dashers


4) Allbirds Tree Skippers


5) Allbirds Tree Pipers


6) Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles


7) Allbirds Wool Pipers


It looks like Wool Runners is the style with the most listings by a long shot - and the list to sell ratio is pretty poor at 4:1. For a shoe that I considered an emerging brand, this isn't great new for resellers trying to get good money for this style.

The other shoe styles from Allbirds seem pretty desirable and I'm going to continue to source them where I can. When it comes to the Wool Runners though, I'm going to pay a bit more attention and I may even start passing them up when I see them in store. I even have a pair priced aggressively at $20 - and they aren't getting much traction.

Allbirds is still a buy - but when it comes to the Wool Runners, it's no longer a guarantee.

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