How NOT TO PANIC When Sales Are Slow


Ok. I’m better.

Sometimes, on eBay, the sales just don’t come in. And that’s frustrating when you’re constantly listing and doing everything seemingly right with your reselling business.

But you know what? It happens to the best of us. And usually at the WORST times, but it’s just the nature of the ecommerce retail business – there will be times when your sales vanish.

Rather than poll the interwebs for better places to sell off your inventory, there ARE a few tips and tricks to help BOOST sales when nothing else seems to be working. So let’s take a look at some of the not-so-obvious ways to increase sales in the interest of preserving your sanity.

  1. Offer Volume Pricing

Repeat customers are the best customers – and this is one way to get a repeat customer on the same transaction. This is found under the Promotions tab.

volume pricing on ebay

tiered pricing on ebay

You can offer a certain percentage off to customers who want to purchase multiple items from your shop, but you can also have tiered discounts applied to a single, multi quantity listing as well. Both are very simple ways to boost sales with little to no extra effort on your part.

     2. Diversify Your Catalog

I recently started sourcing vinyl records and I tell you what – they SELL and they sell well! A year ago this wasn’t an option for me but now I actively seek them out at every chance I get. I even got into the trading card bonanza. So fun – and profitable!

If your sales are slow I STRONGLY suggest getting out of your comfort zone by learning a new category. Sell mostly clothes? Jump into toys! Sell mostly video gaming items? Electronics would be right up your alley! I diversified my business by becoming a YouTube sensation (rolls eyes) where a year or so ago that was a hugely uncomfortable decision to make – but I did it and here we are. Do NOT be afraid of other categories. It’s like jumping into the water…might seem cold at first – but you get used to it.

     3. Decrease Your Handling Time

So – I price on the high end…and I’ll never apologize for that. What I find, though, is that people are willing to pay my higher prices based on a decent amount of feedback coupled with excellent shipping and handling metrics. I have my handling time set to 1 business day - but I ship same day almost every day. People almost forget that they paid a higher price when they end up receiving their item MUCH sooner than they anticipated….a little trick I like to use to continue to drive positive feedback which then leads to more consistent sales over time.

dad planet feedback

Take a look at my shipping feedback relative to my pricing feedback – people do consider ship time and if you can shorten your handling time, then over time, your sales volume will increase.

     4. Focus On Secondary Buyer Keywords

When I sell a Nike shoe, I know almost without fail that the style/colorway code I used in the title was the main buying keyword used to sell the shoe. What I mean by this is that when a buyer jumped to eBay looking for a very specific shoe that they loved, they used Nike’s style and colorway code found on the tag. It reads something like this: 629877-006. That’s the main buying keyword they used to find the shoe in question. Someone who uses THAT keyword has their credit card in their hand. UPC codes are another example of ‘buyer’ keywords. A keyword like ‘men’s blue button down shirt’ isn’t a buyer keyword. Someone who is searching for that keyword isn’t 100% ready to buy in most cases because it isn’t specific enough.

For some of my other listings where the buyer keywords aren’t so obvious, my secondary keywords become even more important. By secondary buyer keywords I simply mean ‘additional’ buyer keywords – without keyword stuffing my listings.

So let’s say I have a listing for a ‘Duluth Trading Long Sleeve Plaid Button Down Shirt’ – an additional buyer keyword could be ‘lumberjack’ – which usually means an outdoorsy, heavier shirt in red/black. And it’s a more narrow, niche related keyword to add that brings you one step closer to an actual buyer.  

Does that make a bit more sense? By adding a few more buyer keywords to your listing descriptions or title (if you can fit it) you’ll increase the visibility of your listings which will lead to more sales.

     5. Sell To Other Resellers

This assumes your inventory is very stale, or your photos aren’t cutting it and you’re too lazy to fix them, or you overall just want to start from scratch and you’re looking to reboot with fresh inventory. Selling your existing inventory – even for a small profit – isn’t the worst idea in the world and let’s face it when your biggest competition on eBay for reseller lots is BULQ you CAN’T do much worse, am I right? So lot up your trash and turn it into someone else’s treasure! I mean sheesh even MERONA sells on eBay, certainly your stale inventory will turn over in someone else’s hands – so sell it to another reseller! This is a popular strategy for resellers who focus on Instagram so it’s not out of the realm of possibility for you and it gives you an opportunity to restart without losing money. Why pay those fees when you can just hit the reset button?

There ya go – some additional strategies to give yourself a sales boost when all else fails. Try a few and you might get lucky! But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – ball is in your hands.

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