Do Watchers on eBay Listings Matter?

Do your watchers (on your eBay listings) matter when it comes to sales? I see this question come up in Facebook groups every now and then. 

While I don't have a definitive yes or no answer - I thought I'd take a look at my last 200 sales on eBay to see how many of those listings had watchers or not. Maybe we can draw some conclusions from the results.

Of the last 200 sales, it looks like 158 (79%) of those sales had at least 1 watcher, and 42 (21%) had no watchers. Interesting. If anything, you could surmise that having watchers is a good indicator that your item will sell, although it's never a guarantee and it still doesn't tell us much.

I think the more important result from gaining watchers on a listing is having an opportunity to send those watchers discounted offers on your listings which greatly increases the chances you'll make a sale. THIS is why watchers on your listings really DO matter - and it's why you should cheer every time you pick one up.


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